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CyberSecThreat, headquartered in Taiwan, is a Cybersecurity solutions provider that offers cutting-edge Cybersecurity solutions including Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI), Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR), UBA/UEBA, DFIR, and CyberSecurity consulting. CyberSecThreat was awarded as Top 10 Cyber Security Companies of 2022 in APAC CIO Outlook’s Cyber Security Edition.

We position ourselves as one of the most comprehensive players in the most advanced high-end marketplace with our highly customizable cybersecurity solutions. CyberSecThreat has been committed to contributing to the CyberSecurity industry and assisting our global clients to improve their CyberSecurity posture. With our global partners and experts, we can deliver a wide range of world-class services to our global clients including vCISO, SOC consulting, Splunk consulting, red team, blue team, and AppSec consulting.

CyberSecThreat Research Lab, which is led by our founder Kelvin Yip, is a subdivision that focuses on researching Cyber Warfare, Cyber Influence Operation/Cognitive Domain Warfare (including Disinformation, Propaganda, and psychological manipulation), the latest Cybersecurity trends, and threats that organizations face today as well as technology innovation. With decades of Cybersecurity and technology experience, our teams of experts carry out research and experiment, bringing it to the real world. When things come to the real world and production environment, it is more complicated than our imagination. Let us worry about it because this is our mission!

Our vision: NextGen safe digital life, and our mission is to Transform Security Into Real World.

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What CyberSecThreat Research Lab focus on?

CyberSecThreat Blue Team

Blue Team

CyberSecThreat assists companies in protecting themselves from cyber attackers by enhancing their incident response capabilities, strengthening detection methods, and adequately preparing for various security incidents. While prevention is crucial, detection is essential! That’s why we also work on creating tools, sharing technical expertise, and organizing demonstrations to enhance the efficiency of Security Operations Centers (SOC). Our objective is to address challenges like dealing with an increased number of false positives in Indicators of Compromise (IoC).

CyberSecThreat Red team

Red Team

CyberSecThreat specializes in security assessments, penetration testing, and red team simulations for companies. We replicate actual cyber threats using the same tools and tactics that malicious actors employ. The red team phase serves as a crucial initial step; the primary objective is to enhance the Blue Team’s response and detection capabilities. Our ultimate aim is to assist organizations in developing metrics to gauge the effectiveness of their cybersecurity investments.

CyberSecThreat Purple Team

Purple Team

The most effective strategy for enhancing the defense team is to ensure they have a deep understanding of their adversaries, instead of solely relying on rigid procedures based on MITRE ATT&CK and Threat Intelligence data during triage or investigations. Recognizing that knowledge from the offensive side allows the blue team to anticipate potential moves by attackers and scrutinize relevant artifacts. That’s why CyberSecThreat is dedicated to creating automation and collaboration tools.

CyberSecThreat Research Lab needs you

If you are a crazy enthusiast of Cybersecurity targeted to change the world and also Stand With Ukraine & Taiwan like us, we welcome you to join CyberSecThreat Research Lab.

We love #Devops! We also love feedback! If you have any ideas or anything want to share with us, then feel free to reach us via