Intezer – AI Powered Autonomous SOC Platform

Intezer’s Autonomous SOC Platform is an AI and next-generation security analytics automation platform for Security Operations Centers (SOC).

Intezer’s Autonomous SOC Platform is an AI and next-generation security analytics automation platform for Security Operations Centers (SOC).

Core Features

  • Automated Sandboxing: Swift isolation and analysis of threats.
  • Automated Genetic Malware Analysis: Rapid identification of malware through genetic code mapping.
  • Automated Dynamic and Static Analysis: In-depth automated examination of software behavior and code.
  • Automated OSINT lookup: Enhanced threat awareness through automated intelligence gathering.
  • Automated Memory Analysis: Immediate detection and analysis of in-memory threats.
  • Automated Reverse Engineering: Deciphering of malware to strengthen defense strategies.
  • Threat Hunting: Proactive and automated searching for potential threats.
  • Endpoint Scanner: Scan your Windows or Linux machine’s memory, finding traces of advanced in-memory threats such as malicious code injections, packed and fileless malware, or any unrecognized code

Solution Highlights

Streamlined Incident Response

Intezer accelerates incident analysis by automatically retrieving new alerts from EDR platforms (CrowdStrike, Microsoft Defender, and SentinelOne). Our platform categorizes and escalates alerts, utilizing our unique genetic technology to swiftly identify malicious software.

Automation with a Human Touch

Our automated platform is designed not to replace, but to empower your security personnel. By quickly validating alerts and reducing false positives, your team can focus on confirmed threats, enhancing the quality and efficiency of incident response.

7×24 Reliability

Intezer operates around the clock, ensuring that every alert is addressed within approximately 5 minutes. Our platform provides advanced investigation and automatic threat containment, with tailored analysis filters and recommendations for various EDR brands.

Valued by Professionals

Security professionals have highlighted several key advantages of Intezer:

  1. Unified Interface: Intezer consolidates analysis results into a single interface, reducing analysis time and simplifying interpretation.
  2. Alert Management: Our platform manages high volumes of alerts, addressing the challenge of limited human resources and potential oversight.
  3. Consistent Quality: Automated analysis ensures consistent quality, even during off-hours when less experienced staff may be on duty.
  4. Cutting-Edge Research: Intezer’s dedicated research team and international clientele provide timely insights into emerging attack vectors.
  5. Endpoint Security: For organizations with limited security personnel, Intezer offers a solution that manages endpoint security efficiently.
  6. Reputation Protection: High-profile companies can rely on Intezer for a second opinion to complement top-tier products like CrowdStrike.
  7. Deep Investigation: Intezer’s memory scanning mechanism ensures thorough investigation and clean-up of high-risk incidents.