Swimlane Turbine

Low-Code Security Automation & SOAR Platform

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Swimlane’s security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) platform expedites the entire incident response management process, from initial event notification to remediation and closure. It automatically gathers key information, builds decision cases, and executes critical actions to prevent and/or remediate threats based on logical incident response processes. Extensive out-of-the-box integrations and an API-first architecture enable software-defined security (SDS) to operate with any organization’s existing security infrastructure. Swimlane delivers security automation and orchestration that maximizes the capabilities of an organization’s security infrastructure and staff. Intuitive, highly-customizable dashboards provide real-time enterprise visibility into threats and security processes.

Security automation is an ideal approach for SOC. Firstly, it solves SOC analyst burnout problems and also accelerates the speed of response. However, SOC analysts are already burnout, and the security automation design becomes a huge challenge for them. Swimlane is committed to solving the shortage of Cybersecurity professionals by offering complete integration (Develop integration for free), a unique Playbook Marketplace, and professional service. By adapting Swimlane’s SOAR, you can bring world-class experience and design to your environment by leveraging Swimlane’s Professional Service, which solves the problem of the shortage of qualified professionals in the industry.

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