AUTOCRYPT is an automotive cybersecurity provider dedicated to the safety of connected, autonomous, and software-defined mobility.

Secure Mobility for the Autonomous Revolution

AUTOCRYPT is a leading provider of automotive cybersecurity solutions, ensuring the safety and integrity of connected and autonomous vehicles. The comprehensive suite of products and services is designed to protect against evolving cyber threats, providing peace of mind for manufacturers and users alike.

Compliance with International Standards

AUTOCRYPT adheres to the highest standards of quality and security, and the solutions are developed in compliance with international standards, including:

  • ISO/SAE 21434: Road Vehicles – Cybersecurity Engineering
  • UN R155/156: Cybersecurity and Software Updates
  • GB/T: China National Standards for Information Security Technology

Product Range

IVS (In-Vehicle Systems) Security

  • Embedded security technologies for AUTOSAR and legacy platforms
  • Compliance with ISO/SAE 21434UN R155/156, and GB/T

V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything) Communication Security

  • Secures V2X communications with PKI backend adaptable to various standards
  • Ensures the integrity and confidentiality of vehicle-to-everything communication

EV and Charging (PnC) Security

  • Secures the Plug & Charge process with PKI-based authentication
  • In compliance with ISO 15118 for the V2G communication interface
  • Offer self-hosted or fully managed cloud-based version.

Cybersecurity Testing Platform and Consultation Services

  • AUTOCRYPT’s Cybersecurity Testing Platform, Security Analyzer™, and Security Fuzzer™ are designed to perform rigorous security assessments. These tools help in identifying vulnerabilities and ensuring compliance with cybersecurity standards.
  • Manual Penetration Testing
  • Consulting services for UN R155/156, ISO/SAE 21434, and GB/T compliance