Recorded Future Intelligence Cloud

Securing our world with threat intelligence


Recorded Future Intelligence Cloud is the world’s most advanced threat intelligence platform, and the first CTI player integrated with OpenAI GPT that empowers organizations to proactively identify, analyze, and respond to emerging cyber threats. With its cutting-edge AI and machine learning capabilities, the platform enables users to access real-time insights and analysis on a vast range of data sources, including public sources, technical sources, dark web, deep web, underground forums, special access sites, instant messaging group used by criminals, code repositories, paste sites, Proprietary Threat feeds and intelligence from its own research and analysis team. This provides organizations with the actionable intelligence they need to mitigate risks and enhance their cybersecurity posture.

Recorded Future is designed to help organizations stay ahead of emerging threats and prevent cyber-attacks. Its intuitive user interface enables users to access relevant information, including threat actors, indicators of compromise, and vulnerability data quickly and easily. With this information at their fingertips, security teams can take proactive measures to defend their networks against potential threats.

Recorded Future can benefit a wide range of organizations, including intelligence agencies, Military Departments, National Security Agencies, National Defense, Homeland Security Agencies, Criminal investigations, Public Security, government agencies, the financial services industry, the Semiconductors industry, the manufacturing industry, critical infrastructure providers, Telecommunications (Telecom), Energy industry, CERT, ISAC, SOC (Security Operation Center) and Online Service Provider (E.g. Any Cloud Service provider and consumer, Virtual Bank, Gaming industry, Cryptocurrency Exchange, NFT & Metaverse). It can help these organizations identify and assess threats, prioritize vulnerabilities, and respond quickly to potential attacks. By leveraging Recorded Future’s comprehensive threat intelligence capabilities, organizations can strengthen their overall security posture and protect their sensitive data and assets.

Recorded Future offers 9 modules, each with its own unique set of features, capabilities, and use cases:

  • Threat Intelligence: Provides real-time insights and analysis on emerging cyber threats, including threat actors, Indicators of Compromise (IoC), dark web marketplaces, detects C2 outgoing connection, and malware analysis/reversing via Hatching sandbox. The Threat Intelligence module supports various use cases including Criminal Investigation, understanding the threat landscape, trends of Cyber Attacks/Cyber Warfare/Semiconductors/5G/IoT/Smart Cities/Electric Vehicles, and the latest TTP used by Criminals. [Datasheet]
  • SecOps Intelligence: Helps security operations teams prioritize and respond to security incidents by providing context and insights into potential threats. [Datasheet]
  • Geopolitical Intelligence: Provides insights into global or localized events and trends that can impact an organization’s physical assets, human safety, normal business operations, and even goods delivery, including Protests, Military activities, Crime and Violence, Political, Election, Terrorism, and Natural Disasters. For the public sector, Geopolitical Intelligence supports monitoring of Cyber Influence Operations, Influencing voting campaigns, Disinformation, foreign military activity, counterterrorism issues, foreign investment, and chatter about your forces [Datasheet]
  • Third-Party Intelligence: Monitors third-party vendors and partners for potential security risks, vulnerabilities, and dark web data leakage. [Datasheet]
  • Vulnerability Intelligence: Identifies and prioritizes vulnerabilities (including Pre-NVD) that could be exploited by cybercriminals, enabling organizations to take proactive measures to mitigate risks. [Datasheet]
  • Brand Intelligence: Helps organizations monitor and protect their brand reputation by identifying and analyzing online mentions (including becoming Cyber Attack targets, complaints, and Service Disruptions), data leakage (E.g. AWS Key leakage), Phishing Websites, Fake Apps, Executive Impersonation on Social Media) and confidential data auction from various sources including the dark web. Optional take-down services can assist organizations to take down Phishing Websites, Fake Apps, and Executive Impersonation on Social Media. [Datasheet]
  • Identity Intelligence: Enables organizations to detect and prevent identity fraud by monitoring identity leakage activity related to their employees, customers, and partners. [Datasheet]
  • Attack Surface Intelligence: This helps organizations understand their digital attack surface and identify its shadow digital assets, potential vulnerabilities, and misconfigurations. [Datasheet]
  • Payment Fraud Intelligence: Provides insights into potential payment fraud schemes, including carding and account takeover.


By offering a range of intelligence modules, Recorded Future enables organizations to customize their threat intelligence program to meet their specific needs and priorities. This allows them to focus on the areas of greatest risk and allocate their resources and budget more effectively.


Cyber Threat intelligence (CTI) is one of the key sources to determine the budget of your cybersecurity program, the military department cannot judge the budget without the intelligence of our enemies. The most common misconception towards threat intelligence in the cyber industry is it must be accurate. We will never know whether it is accurate if we don’t even know the existence of that information.


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