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  • Atola Insight Forensic

    Atola Insight Forensic

    In-depth data recovery and forensic imaging tool, able to work with damaged HDD.

  • Atola TaskForce

    Atola TaskForce

    Fast forensic imaging tool, even with bad drives.

  • BEC X

    BEC X

    An all-in-one digital forensic solution for acquiring, locating, extracting, and analyzing digital evidences.

  • Belkasoft N

    Belkasoft N

    Belkasoft Incident Investigations (Belkasoft N) is a tool for digital incident investigations, developed specifically for businesses and aimed to investigate hacking attempts of Windows-based computers.

  • BTS Tracker

    BTS Tracker

    Cell Tower Analyzer. Forensics solution to measure the crime scene radio environment.



    Virtual Windows Forensic Suite.

  • CD & Paper Shredder

    CD & Paper Shredder

    The perfect solution for top secret and classified shredding of paper and optical media.

  • CipherTrace Armada

    CipherTrace Armada

    Platform for identifying transactions with digital asset entities and helping manage AML risks from.

  • Cryptocurrency Intelligence Platform

    Cryptocurrency Intelligence Platform

    A cryptocurrency/Bitcoin transaction tracing platform. One use case is the detection and tracing of potential Money Laundering activities.

  • DE Forensic Write Blocker

    DE Forensic Write Blocker

    Forensic Bridge connect to host computer

  • DE-TX Mazinger T

    DE-TX Mazinger T

    High efficiency in-lab forensics workstation.

  • Deca YG2043 HDD performance inspection/deletion system

    DECA YG2043

    Multi Interface Test Erasure Solution

  • Degausser-15X

    Degausser 15X

    The world’s first 10,000+ Oe high-power degausser with a quick 17-second charge.

  • Degausser 25X

    Degausser 25X

    Supports to degauss server hard disk without removing the caddy.

  • Degausser 30X

    Degausser 30X

    Completely erase data from B4/A4-size notebook PCs without dismantling the PC.

  • DiskClon


    Eight ports SATA/SAS hard disk duplicator & wiper.