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CyberSecThreat x Recorded Future’s First CTI Workshop

Recorded Future 威脅情資平台體驗工作坊 (Mar 2023)

CyberSecThreat and Recorded Future recently held a three-day workshop (7 – 9 Mar 2023) in Taiwan, focused on cyber threat intelligence (CTI) for the government, financial services, and manufacturing sectors. Over 70 participants attended the event, which featured engaging speakers and provided a hands-on test drive of the Recorded Future platform.

The workshop began with an introduction to CTI and the Recorded Future platform, followed by a deep dive into CTI data collection and analysis techniques. Participants learned how to apply CTI to enhance cybersecurity maturity and better defend against cyber threats. The interactive sessions included case studies, discussions, and hands-on exercises, providing attendees with a practical understanding of how to leverage CTI to improve their organization’s security posture.

Throughout the event, participants engaged with experts from Recorded Future and CyberSecThreat. Speakers included Xavier Tang, TJ Lee, and Kelvin Yip, who shared their expertise and insights on CTI and its applications in today’s digital landscape.

The attendees were highly engaged and participated actively in the discussions and exercises, demonstrating a strong interest in learning how to use CTI to enhance their organization’s security. They were also impressed with the Recorded Future platform’s ease of use and flexibility, which enabled them to quickly and efficiently access critical threat intelligence data.

The workshop was a success, and participants left with a deeper understanding of CTI and its importance in today’s cybersecurity landscape. They also learned how the Recorded Future platform can help them collect, analyze, and act on CTI data to improve their organization’s security posture.

Participants praised the workshop for its practicality and relevance to their daily work, with one attendee saying, “I learned a lot about threat intelligence and how to use it in my daily work.” The instructors and speakers were also commended for their expertise and engaging presentation style. “They explained the concepts clearly and answered our questions patiently,” said another participant.

The hands-on exercises allowed attendees to apply what they learned to solve real-world problems using Recorded Future’s platform and tools. Many attendees found the exercises to be both helpful and enjoyable, with one noting, “I enjoyed using Recorded Future’s platform and tools to solve real problems.”

The workshop’s well-organized and structured content also drew praise, with many attendees recommending it to others who are interested in learning more about threat intelligence. One participant summed it up by saying, “The content was relevant and interesting. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about threat intelligence.”

Several participants also highlighted the uniqueness of Recorded Future’s platform and its features compared to other CTI vendors. “The Recorded Future platform is unique, and it offers features that other CTI vendors don’t,” said one attendee. “Thanks for giving me the chance to learn about Recorded Future, and I definitely will recommend it to my peers.”

Overall, the workshop was a valuable opportunity for participants to learn from experts in the field and gain practical knowledge of how to leverage CTI to enhance their organization’s security. It also provided a platform for networking and collaboration among industry peers, fostering a strong cybersecurity community in Taiwan and beyond.

To learn more about Recorded Future and CTI, interested parties can visit Recorded Future‘s website or contact CyberSecThreat for more information.

Original registration link: https://cybersecthreat.com/recorded_future_workshop_event_mar2023/

Event highlights: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:7044611508370120704/

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